From one professional organization to another, I'd like to congratulate and thank you on a job well done. I will make sure to refer my clients to Shleppers, so that they can benefit from the same great service we had.
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Mark Rollins, CEO
Rollins Insurance

Shleppers is Going Green

Shleppers AdvantageShleppers is continuously optimizing ways to be environmentally friendly throughout our operations. Ways in which we operate a green company include:

  • All paper products we use are 100% recycled.
  • All boxes we can re-use are back on the trucks for the daily moving jobs. Boxes that cannot be re-used are recycled.
  • Instead of disposable, non-biodegradable tape, Shleppers is utilizing industrial strength rubber bands to wrap blankets around furniture.
  • Shleppers is constantly replacing our vehicles with newer, more fuel efficient models.
  • We encourage customers to try and buy used moving boxes on Craig's List.
  • We recommend that you use environmentally friendly cleaning materials, such as those used by Urban Maid Green a cleaning company we recommend.
How can YOU help?

  • Recycle newspapers, aluminum cans and glass bottles. Seek out your community's recycling system and make use of it. On the day of your move we can pick your things for recycling.
  • Pay your bills online. Paper bills sent through mail consume trees. Ask us about online payment options.
  • Awareness is the most important green tip of all. Inform as many people as possible about these steps for going green.
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